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An Economic View from Down Under

The more shots you take; The more you get Covid.

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Covid Legal Issues with Live Q&A

Next up: "Catastrophic Contagion"

Federal Covid Contracts

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A partial win against Miami University.

Another Unemployment Win

Serving up myocarditis since 1992

Ohio's Best County Level Covid Outcome

Completely safe for pregnant women...

Hospital Assoc. fights brave employee-Again

Vaers Reporting Required-Or Else

Hospital Deaths

The Critical Thinkers Have Left the Building

mRNA is infecting all clinical trials

From U.K. cartoonist, Bob Moran

Aliens can sue - we can't

Facebook Censorship Timeline

Stop the CDC from maiming and killing children

Exposure to a "vaccinated" person is a Severe Adverse Event

Pfizer never claimed shots stop transmission

Disability is rising by millions

Berkeley School of Law Dean criticizes mandate lawsuit

Excess Deaths Website

Deaths up in every age group 2020 v. 2021

The Red Cross Wants to Know

FLCCC Conference Orlando, FL

Blood Money

Canada Lifts travel restrictions

Head Start Mandates Blocked

The law is literary

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Fundraiser for Children's Hospital Workers

Live interviews about the crisis

Ohio Hospital Assoc. adds Insult to Injury

Liberty Counsel: Employment and Transplant Issues

Discussion of Trial Sites

Attorney Jeff Childers: CoffeeAndCovid.Com

A state Attorney General who gets it.

Attorney Ron Berutti

Covid Injections: a DOD prototype project.

Myocarditis and children

Clip about Ivermectin

Happening Now Live

The Comirnaty Ad

Can the FDA recall dangerous medicine on its own?

Comirnaty and Spikevax now available

Live stream from Australian Senate

A Doctor's advice on how to take charge of your health.

Brook Jackson Pfizer Whistleblower Short Clips and Long Interview

How many providers have left health care?

Excess mortality Netherlands

Natural Immunity is Great!

6th Circuit Opinion on business disruptions

Lawyers are moving - 16,136 cases filed nationwide.

Doctors in the Crucible

Removed from the transplant list

A Sermon on Religious Beliefs and the Courts

Refuge of Sinners

Los Angeles School District Cannot Mandate Vaccines

What's up down under?

Pfizer Whistleblower Brook Jackson on Steve Kirsch

Brook Jackson interview

Dr. Zev Zelenko, "zichrono levracha"

Steve Kirsch interviews Pfizer Whistleblower

Deborah Birx Video Testimony

We just posted an interview with Ray Flores, Esq. Senior Counsel for Children's Health Defense.

An Interview with Ray Flores, Esq.

Link to our appearance on Steve Kirsch's show.

Appearance re: College Mandates 7pm Tonight

Air travel issues

Dana Wefer: New Jersey Covid Litigator

See you Saturday with Dr. Mark MacDonald!

An Interview with Attorney Pete Serrano

Universities Backed Down on Mandates

Ohio State University faculty knew about lab leaks from the beginning.

Dr. Peter McCullough interview

A 2020 Covid Case: Appeal Accepted

A call to action to save children

One Air Force reservist at Wright Patterson gets a win

No Masks on School Buses Req'd

OhioStandsUp.Org Two Year Anniversary

Pfizer Federal False Claims Act Allegations

Appearances tonight at 11pm, next week, and next month.

Citizen Power

Akron Childrens Hospital

Follow the money II: Schools

Health Care Workers of Ohio Unite!

Supreme Court Split Decision

Follow the Money I

The press and your stories

Athletes dead--A (mostly) non-legal post

Have local hospitals decided it's a cold?