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Refuge of Sinners

A great line up interviews on Rumble about the crisis.

A great and comprehensive series of interviews about the fight for freedom has been generated by Refuge of Sinners. Australian based, with worldwide scope, Refuge dives deep into the institutional, political, social, health, educational, and moral crisis fomented by the mainstream Covid narrative. You will find episodes with Dr. Pierre Kory, Del Bigtree, Dr. Tau Braun, Dr. Toby Rogers, Dr. Ryan Cole, Attorney Mary Holland from Children’s Health Defense, Dr. Reiner Fullmich, Dr. Peter McCullough and many others.

Ohio based Attorney Warner Mendenhall was part of an episode entitled For God and Country (follow link to view) along with:

  • Dr Ryan Cole is a pathologist, board-certified in clinical and anatomic pathology.

  • Craig Kelly leader of the United Australia Party (UAP).

  • Gerard Rennick Australian Senator for Queensland of the Liberal National Party (LNP),

  • Liz Mann, vaccine injured, had her first (and only) COVID-19 vaccination on November 23, 2021, after being coerced by her employer Australian Consolidated Milk. Liz details the coercion and the communication between herself and her employer and discusses her heart and neurological damage.

Mendenhall the video clip was from an earlier episode. To watch the whole thing go here.

Please take time to watch.

Warner Mendenhall