But now want cases dismissed as moot
Students and Parents need to know.
Dr. Peter McCullough interviewListen now (56 min) | With Kathryn Huwig, Jason Hedges, and Warner Mendenhall
In the beginning there were business shutdowns, then there were curfews.
Adapted from https://tobyrogers.substack.com/ - with his permission
The judge granted his injunction but denied it for others similarly situated.
Just in case you haven't heard.
OhioStandsUp.Org Two Year AnniversaryListen now (87 min) | Board Members Jason Hedges and Jen Drabik join Kathryn Huwig from Beyond the Data and Warner Mendenhall from Mendenhall Law Group
The whistleblower case was filed over a year ago.
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Removing public officials
Losing its grip on responsible health care