Jan 29 • 22M

Family Court and the shots

Strategies to keep children safe.

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Warner Mendenhall
Updates on cases and controversies around the vaccines, mandates, and government regulations
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You should object to arguments based on prior vaccination case law. Most parenting agreements were written before the changed definition of vaccine.

The shots also fall under the FDA's definition of a gene therapy agent. That normally requires 5-15 years of safety trials and clinical data prior to being released to the public.

There may be strategies under the Americans with DisabilitiesAct (ADA) and the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) because this shot is an experimental agent that can alter a child's genome. In addition, it's damaging the ovaries and testicles impairing future fertility.

Truth For Health Foundation has resources — here.

Dr. Monique Robles, Dr. Michael Yeadon, and Dr. Janci Lindsay have courageously worked with Truth for Health to provide expert opinions for cases.