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YAY! Another win!

But I think, also, that having 'shown or demonstrated a willingness to test' as a reasonable accommodation for a religious exemption as a necessity for strengthening or winning these cases is BOGUS. Here's why...

1) Testing a healthy non-symptomatic person is both ill-advised by the CDC and, in the absence of a clinical evaluation, NOT an indication of infection NOR infectiousness. Therefore, testing is JUST another means of unethical and illegal COERCION. ( ORC 2905.12 )

2) Testing ONLY the un-jabbed, in light of the facts in (1) above, is JUST another means of unethical and illegal DISCRIMINATION. (Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 - Section 2000e-2)

These are the only reasonable accommodations, in the presence of a religious exemption to an injection mandate, that I can think of (please add to this list):

A) If I begin to feel sick or I am symptomatic, I will take sick leave and/or work remotely.

B) A positive antibody test.

C) Work remotely or during 'off' hours.

NOTE: The known science of natural immunity, to specific coronavirus variants developed after exposure and infection, has been and continues to be well established, long before March of 2020.

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Very well done. Thank you.

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Still unemployed and being told by recruiters that employers are telling them "Don't even send the resume if they aren't vaccinated", even WITH a medical exemption! How is THAT even LEGAL?! An I am a healthcare worker, and the employers are the WORST BULLIES ANYWHERE! SanctiMONIOUS bullies!

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Thanks again for your work on this, it continues to matter into 2023 so much...best from Oregon

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This is for Warner Mendenhall, is there any way you can furnish the name of this claimant or could I provide my attorneys phone number? He is looking for cases to support a lawsuit in Washington State. Thank you.

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