This lifts my heart. 💗 Thank you so much for caring about all children.

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As we now know, despite the calling and emailing with reason, data, science, and their own words (Pfizer "we did not test for prevention of transmission, we had to go at the speed of science"), the CDC did approve adding the COVID shot to the Recommended Schedule. The only thing that will stop them is the courts, exposure of the fraud, and personal accountability. Thank you for filing and arguing the lawsuits and going after those who have censored the truth as a State Actor.

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Some of those chicken littles on the zoom call hid behind masks. I GUESS they don't want protestors outside their houses.

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Oct 19, 2022·edited Oct 19, 2022

Dr Meryl Nass will be live blogging on CHD.tv who will live stream the meeting

[8.30am Atlanta GA, 1.30pm BST(UK)]


My [Dr Nass] liveblog will be at the following URL:


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