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Warner - this is what I've been working on (would love for you to send an email to all of our sheriffs and prosecutors too - email me for the Excel file with all 176 email addresses):



I urge anyone who is an Ohio resident to take a moment to email your local county sheriff and prosecutor these documents and let them know that Governor DeWine and AG Yost have been sent a jump drive containing them. We must make them accountable. I fervently believe we can move the needle in getting the truth out, even if our captured governor and AG won’t convene a grand jury.


How many more deaths of young people will happen before the willful blindness ends?

She was 17. This makes me weep with anguish for what is happening and will continue to happen if WE THE PEOPLE don’t demand accountability.

Substack author, TriTorch recently wrote:

....please do not make the mistake of confusing the outcome of this all-encompassing conflict with the struggle to win it—it is the struggle itself that holds the meaning, and that is where your true personal victory lies. Nothing in your life has ever been about whether you win or lose, it has only ever been about how you conduct yourself the during these trials and tribulations”

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Love that quote. So true.

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Thank you for stacking on this! I am a retired attorney, and have ghosted FCA complaints. This case is definitely an important one to keep an eye on.


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Want to help on one or more?

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