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It was excellent! Thanks Warner for being on. I hope many are able to view. Both Tice and Ben are amazing, articulate young men who give me hope for the future.

After the broadcast, I went on to their site and read many of the posted documents that came from discovery. Totally shocking to say the least.


I have been involved in supporting college students who are opposing mandates. In the flurry of insanity last year I wish we all could have organized across universities and formed some sort of coalition.

It's shocking how many universities hid behind the non-existent OSHA mess as a way to justify.

My spouse, a science professor, retired early from a NE Ohio university partly due to the mandates. The administration asked him last fall after he announced that this would be his last year if he would teach the during the upcoming fall as is customary for most newly retired faculty. He said no and told them why - mandates not acceptable and he wasn't going to be tested.

I have also suggested to Kirsch to have on university administrators who opposed the mandates - why they opposed, what they "gave up" to oppose, how their campus reacted, etc. If you find this interesting or of value, if you could float this idea or similar, I'd appreciate it.

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FYI - Typo in the spelling of Tyce’s name. It was an excellent show. I’ve shared it out but will go back and update with the link to their website.

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