Good one Jill. I sent a brief letter of outrage to my undergrad alma mater, University of Connecticut. Told them that I had dropped them from my last will and testament. No need to continue supporting administration asshats.

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I wrote this to the University of Toledo on Sept. 1 2021: From: Jill Berkana

Sent: Wednesday, September 1, 2021 4:57 PM

To: UTPresident <UTPresident@utoledo.edu>

Subject: [EXTERNAL] injection requirement

Dear Dr. Postel,

I originally wanted to contact you concerning news that Rhiannon Giddens would be speaking about: "Music and the Road to Social Justice" while simultaneously requiring a health status segregated audience.

I found this sadly hilarious as segregation would normally be considered antithetical to social justice.

I then saw that you are requiring injection of staff and students at the university. As an alumna, I am deeply concerned about this directive.

Medically speaking it makes no sense. The product makers do not claim their products can stop infection with or transmission of C19.

Further, these products have a very high rate of death and disability connected with them. These rates are far higher than any other medical product on the market. The high rates of problems, to include death, are found in Europe and the UK as well as the US. This would definitely be, under normal circumstances, a signal to stop injections until these problems were thoroughly examined.

Further, you are mandating these products for a disease which poses little risk of death to many of the people you require it from. The CDC has determined that Covid 19 has the following survival rates: Age 0-19, 99.997. In age 20-49, 99.98. In age 50-69, 99.5 and in age 70+, 94.6.

Would you provide me with your risk benefit analysis? Will you provide me with the scientific papers on which you have based your demand that everyone be injected?

This data should be readily available to you as I am assuming that you did this analysis and read the scientific papers before you made this demand. I am also hoping that you are aware of how dangerous it is to give people who have recovered from C19 these shots. I am also hoping that you have seen the incredibly high rate of sickness taking place in Israel even though 80-85% of that population is double vaccinated.

Are you also aware that mandatory vaccination requirements are currently before the International Criminal Court as a crime against humanity?

There are multiple lawsuits in the US and other nations being adjudicated right now. Why open the university to litigation by mandating these injections before the legality of doing so is clear?

Remember, these injections do not prevent infection or transmission. The CDC is not a law making body in the US. You are responsible for doing your own due diligence before making this decision. That means having made a thorough risk/benefit including knowledge of actual treatments and even prophylaxis currently available using safe, thoroughly tested drugs.

I received the following response: ...Thank you for taking the time to provide some of your thoughts and feedback. I am helping to answer some of the emails received by the UT President today.

We are very cognizant of the strong views regarding the COVID-19 vaccines—both pro and con --and the significant health implications of COVID-19, especially as cases rise in our area due to the Delta Variant.

That is why President Postel and our COVID Operations Team have relied on the expert review of scientific evidence by our medical, public health and infectious disease experts—as well as a thorough review by our Legal team.

Our decisions are based on the best evidence available and recommendations from the CDC, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Lucas County Health Department.

We understand that you have some differing views and respect your right to disagree with the University position.

Our highest priority, as always, is the health and safety of our Rocket community.

Best Wishes,

Linda A. Lewandowski, PhD RN FAAN

Dean and Professor, College of Nursing

Vice-Provost for Health Affairs for Interprofessional and Community Partnerships

Interim Executive Director for University Campus Health Services

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

University of Toledo

Collier Building, Room 4431, Mail Stop 1026

3000 Arlington Ave.

Toledo, Ohio 43614-2598

419.383.5835 phone

419.383.2804 fax


(I don't know if this will help in your lawsuit but I'm including it just in case. If you need to reach me it is at: ahzeld@protonmail.com I am so glad you are taking this on. I am appalled by this vicious, evil behavior.

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Thank you to everyone who is working so hard on this. This has brought me so much distress. I am praying every day that this madness stops.

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They'd prefer to give up donations from alumni.

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I was President of the University of Connecticut Outing Club in it's formative years. It set a course for my love of the mountains that has been a constant in my entire life. I cannot imagine the ghouls that bought into this participation that could debilitate any of the outing members I met on Mount Kathadin a couple of years ago. To never be able to ever again, to be debilitated for the rest of one's life only because you were coerced by a University or College administrator. It’s truely criminal and they must be prosecuted for negative outcomes.

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What is it the colleges and universities don't want to give up?

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see testimonies on RealNotRare.com and React19.org. Hundreds if not thousands.

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Just curious, will there ever be a time the unvaccinated healthcare workers in one of our local Akron hospitals can go without a 95 mask as their vaccinated coworkers do, and just wear a surgical mask???? Tired of the hospital saying it's for their safety and protection. Has natural immunity taken a backseat??

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