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My college junior daughter had her medical exemption denied and her religious exemption rescinded weeks into the Fall 2021 semester, despite following all of the university's Covid protocols for unvaxxed - twice a week testing, masking, not participating in her Varsity sport, etc.

RPI in Troy, NY, dis-enrolled her from all of her classes and kicked her out of campus housing when she refused to get the shot.

I was told by an employee of the college that if a student had taken any other vaccine in the past, the medical exemption for the Covid shot was automatically denied.

Other students had their exemptions revoked the day after they paid for the fall semester.

It is disgusting what is happening on many college campuses.

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I’m very interested in this as I work at a private university that mandated vaccines for all and I had to fight to get my religious exemption approved. My daughter is going to a Catholic university that requires not only the vaccines but all the boosters and interestingly enough seems to make it difficult to even get a religious exemption approved. They require the form be notarized before turning it in. And then the discrimination against those with exemptions… I had to agree to weekly Covid testing whereas the fully vaccinated and boosted didn’t even have to be randomly tested. I had to put up with this BS for six months and I’m sure they’ll require it again soon enough

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