This came in after the posting, note the date:

Thank you for submitting your accommodation request on 2/17/23. After careful review of your submission and following our interactive process with you, we are unable to approve your request for an accommodation from SAG-AFTRA's COVID-19 vaccination requirement for members and guests visiting the New York office. This determination was made due to the unreasonable risk that would be posed to both other members, and staff based on the open-ended amount of time in which you are seeking to spend within the member lounge for purposes only described as "personal use".

As a result of this decision, you will not be permitted to utilize the member lounge while this policy remains in effect if you remain out of compliance. Should you require an accommodation for any specific meeting or event, please let us know and we can engage in further discussion.

SAG-AFTRA is still happy to serve you remotely via Zoom, phone or online chat via sagaftra.org to ensure that it provides all of the core services otherwise provided to you as a union member. Brief visits to our offices to drop off or pick up items are also permitted.

Please note that, given COVID-19’s evolving landscape, SAG-AFTRA reserves the right to re-evaluate this accommodation determination in the future.

Justin Touretz |Associate General Counsel | SAG-AFTRA

1900 Broadway, 5th Floor | New York, NY 10023

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If you don’t mind this question: do you know specific payments that were offered/paid by the government to businesses and organizations, that would explain this type of continued mandate? I know you answered in the affirmative when I asked before but I’m looking for anything specific.

Thanks so much for all you do.

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